Scooter's Three Pack

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The Scooter's Three Pack comes with the essentials you need to keep your boat clean from inside to out. This is the perfect gift to give to earn your spot on the boat!

Interior Shine is a ready-to-use product that has been specially formulated to clean vinyl, plastic, and non-suede leather surfaces such as dashboards, seats, and door panels. It lifts dirt, scum, and suntan oil.
Afterlake is made to quickly remove tough hard water spots. Afterlake is 100% biodegradable and has been specially formulated to chemically break down and remove hard water minerals from gelcoat, fiberglass, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces 
Boat Armour is created from a advanced carnauba and synthetic wax blend. This ready-to-use product has been specially formulated to quickly clean and detail gelcoat and fiberglass, leaving a protective and glossy coat. With each use, it adds a wax sealant layer infused with UV inhibitors, protecting your sweet ride over long periods of sun-time. This formula washes off hard water spots, mineral deposits, dirt, scum, exhaust residue and is biodegradable and non-toxic. Compatible with: fiberglass, gelcoat, plastic, chrome, glass, and all painted surfaces.